Brite Systems as a Salesforce Talent Alliance Partner

Brite Systems as a Salesforce Talent Alliance Partner

The Salesforce Talent Alliance tracks engagement of Salesforce consulting partners with programs such as Salesforce Military and Salesforce Pathfinder. The Salesforce Military and Pathfinder programs are an excellent way for individuals to begin a career in the Salesforce ecosystem. At the start of 2019, Brite Systems asked our first Pathfinder graduate to join our Salesforce development team. Since then, we’ve continued to recruit Pathfinder alumni and have become one of the leading partner organizations. We are proud of our commitment to hire Salesforce Pathfinders.

The program creates a smooth path for individuals transitioning to the IT field from another career, providing useful training and hands-on experience. Additionally, Salesforce offers free tuition for all veterans entering the program. Pathfinders receive a guided learning journey with a structured environment to prepare for Salesforce certification.

Kristen Stokes, 2019 Pathfinder graduate and current Brite Systems employee, especially appreciated the flexibility of the Pathfinder program. In the first 8 weeks, all the work is completed on Trailhead and is accomplished remotely according to the student’s schedule. Trailhead delivers an excellent user experience where learning is enjoyed. Pathfinders can communicate with the students in their cohort if they get stuck on something or want to discuss a certain topic. They also meet weekly to converse, receive advice, and gain support from professionals with more experience.

The Pathfinder program facilitates networking opportunities for graduates to land a job with partners like Brite Systems. There is a rising number of projected jobs within the Salesforce ecosystem and the number is expected to keep climbing. Employees in the Salesforce ecosystem are additionally known to have a high level of job satisfaction.

Brite Systems’ Salesforce practice captures the essence of Salesforce Ohana as a fast-growing family. Working at Brite Systems means direct collaboration with professionals at all levels of leadership and exposure to new projects and opportunities within a support system. One of our employees and Pathfinder alumni, Stephanie Etheridge, shared she felt welcome from the beginning. In the interview process, she learned the atmosphere was collaborative and there is a commitment to helping others. Stephanie says, “Coming in from Pathfinders, I still had a lot to learn. I have never been made to feel stupid or like I’m imposing on others when asking questions. People are patient and open to providing help. They genuinely care about one another and have each other’s backs.”

Kristen also commented on the culture adding, “Everything has been awesome at Brite. The work environment is nice in the way that everyone is so nice to each other and in a good mood - It is just a happy place to work. When anyone needs help, there is no second thought about it. People are always willing to help others out.”

Our Pathfinder employees have noticed their growth since joining Brite Systems. Once they have the opportunity to gain experience in a real Salesforce project, their learning comes to life. With the support of more advanced Salesforce experts on the team, they have new experiences such as deploying in production environment. With a mentor-driven culture, Brite Systems supports continued education and achievement of certifications.

Ingram Jones joined Salesforce Military and Pathfinders as a USMC veteran. He chose Brite Systems because “What Pathfinders need is an opportunity, for someone to take the chance on them and help them continue to grow. Brite Systems is a place that does that.”

Ingram will be sharing more of his story on the Monthly Talent Alliance Webinar on Wednesday, October 21 at 12pm EST via Trailhead Live. Join the event to learn more about Salesforce Military and Pathfinder, Brite Systems, and Ingram’s personal experience.

If you’re currently looking for a job in the Salesforce ecosystem, visit Brite Systems’ Careers page to apply for active roles.


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