*Arrived at Destination*

*Arrived at Destination*

When an end user first logs into a Salesforce organization, the user’s initial landing page can set the pace for the start of their day, how much coffee they drink at the beginning of it, and how many alcoholic beverages they may consume by the end of it. Logging in can be a bit like driving with a GPS. Imagine how annoying it would be to follow directions given by the GPS, only to end up at an unintended destination. Talk about road rage! In Salesforce, there is a sure-fire way to guarantee users land at their intended destination. Here are a few steps to help you guide your users along the right path:

The Setup

In the Application (App) Manager section of the Setup page, choose to edit the specific “Lightning Experience App” where your users will be logging in. Once on the edit page, you can then choose the tabs that will be displayed to users. After selecting all the tabs the user should be able to access, make sure that the tab you want the users to see upon logging in (i.e. the initial landing page) is at the very top of the list of tabs.

The Default

Navigate to the user profile who you want to have access to the app. There will more than likely be multiple profiles needing to access an app. In the profile, there is a section labeled, “Custom App Settings”. In the Custom App Settings, you will choose which app users can access. There may be multiple apps listed in this section. Make sure to check “View” and “Default” for the app that you want users to go straight to when they log in. The default check box is the key! If you don’t mark this box, the users may be in another app that looks the same or similar to the one they should be accessing first.

In both everyday life and in Salesforce, there is a strong distinction between a desired location and the actual arrival spot. By building proper navigation for users, users will end up where they want to go and need to go within Salesforce. These built-in directions guide the users for soft landings, ensuring ease of use.

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